Our pre-purchase inspections provide information on the structural integrity and condition of the house you are intending to buy. The inspection report covers the condition of the following items:


Check for cracks and movement, dampness, loose mortar, damaged bricks.


Check for signs of rust, damaged or weathered tiles, and damaged ridge capping mortar.

Roof Space

Check the insulation, signs of any leaks, the timber roof framing, evidence of rodents or birds in the roof.


Check for rotted or damaged weatherboards, damaged or bowed wall cladding sheets, cracked and damaged render.


Check floor levels, floor bounce, signs of rot, cracked or dummy floor tiles, damaged or marked floor coverings.

Sub Flooring

Check the condition of stumps, bearers, joists, dampness, ventilation, access and clearance, rubbish under the house.


Check for visible signs of rust or leaks in the water pipes and waste pipes, operation of taps, water pressure, water hammer. A qualified plumber is recommended for any further inspection.


Check general appearance and age of the visible electrical wiring. A registered electrician is recommended for any further inspection.


Check the condition of garages, carports, sheds, fences, gates, verandas, pergolas decks, paving, steps, stairs, driveways, garden beds, and the general drainage of the site.

Important Information Regarding the Scope and Limitations of the Inspection and this Report:


Any person who relies upon the contents of this report does so acknowledging that the following clauses, which define the Scope and Limitations of the inspection, form an integral part of the report.


1] This report is NOT an all encompassing report dealing with the building from every aspect. It is a reasonable attempt to identify any obvious or significant defects apparent at the time of the inspection. Whether or not a defect is considered significant or not, depends, to a large extent, upon the age of and type of the building inspected. This report is not a Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of any Act, Regulation, Ordinance or By-law. No certificates were sighted, or enquiries made to authorities regarding drainage, sewerage, water or electricity.


2] THIS IS A VISUAL INSPECTION ONLY, limited to those areas and sections of the property fully accessible and visible to the Inspector on the date of inspection. The inspection DID NOT include breaking apart, dismantling, removing or moving objects, including, but not limited to, foliage, mouldings, roof insulation/sisilation, floor or wall coverings, sidings, ceilings, floors, furnishings, appliances, or personal possessions. The Inspector CANNOT see inside walls, between floors, inside skillion roofing, behind stored goods in cupboards and other areas that are concealed or obstructed. The Inspector DID NOT dig, gouge, force or perform any other invasive procedures. Visible timbers CANNOT be destructively probed or hit without the written permission of the property owner.


3]  This report does not and cannot make comment upon: defects that may have been concealed; the assessment or detection of defects [ including rising damp and leaks], which may be subject to the prevailing weather conditions; whether or not services have been used for some time prior to the inspection and whether this will affect the detection of leaks or other defects [ eg. In the case of showering enclosures, the absence of any dampness at the time of the inspection does not necessarily mean that the enclosure will not leak]; the presence or absence of timber pests; gas fittings; common property areas; environmental safety issues; heritage concerns; security concerns; fire protection; site drainage [apart from surface water drainage]; swimming pools and spas; septic systems;  detection and identification of  illegal building work; detection and identification of illegal plumbing work; durability of exposed finishes; neighbourhood problems; document analysis; electrical installation; any matters that are solely regulated by statute; any areas or items that could not be inspected by the consultant.


Accordingly, this report is not a guarantee that defects and/or damage does not exist in any inaccessible or partly inaccessible areas or sections of the property.


4] ASBESTOS DISCLAIMER No inspection for asbestos was carried out at the property and no report on the presence or absence of asbestos is provided. If during the course of the inspection, asbestos or materials which appear to contain asbestos happened to be noticed then this may be noted in the report. Buildings built prior to 1982, may have wall and/or ceiling sheeting and other products including roof sheeting that contain asbestos. Even buildings built after this date, up until the early 1990s may contain some asbestos. Sheeting should be fully sealed. If concerned or if the building was built prior to 1990 or if asbestos is noted as present within the property, then you should seek advice from a qualified asbestos removal expert as to the amount and importance of asbestos present and the cost of sealing or removal. Drilling, cutting or removing sheeting or products containing asbestos is a high risk to people’s health. You should seek advice from a qualified asbestos removal expert.


5] MOULD [MILDEW AND NON-WOOD DECAY FUNGI] DISCLAIMER: Mildew and non wood decay fungi is commonly known as mould, however, mould and their spores may cause health problems or allergic reactions such as asthma and dermatitis in some people. No inspection for mould was carried out at the property and no report on the presence or absence of mould is provided. If in the course of the inspection, mould happened to be noticed, it may be noted in the report. If mould is noted as present within the property or if you notice mould and you are concerned as to the possible health risk resulting from its presence then you should seek advice from your Local Council, State or Commonwealth Government Health Department or a qualified expert such as an Industry Hygienist.


6] ESTIMATING DISCLAIMER: Any estimates provided in this report are merely opinions of possible costs that could be encountered, based on the knowledge and experience of the Inspector, and are not estimates in the sense of being a calculation of the likely costs to be incurred. The estimates are NOT a guarantee or quotation for work to be carried out. The actual cost is ultimately dependent upon the materials used, standard of work carried out, and what a contractor is prepared to do the work for. It is recommended in all instances that multiple independent quotes are sourced prior to any work being carried out. The Inspector accepts no liability for any estimates provided throughout this report.


7] DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY TO THIRD PARTIES: This report is made solely for the use and benefit of the Client named on this report. No liability or responsibility whatsoever, in contract or tort, is accepted to any third party who may rely on the report wholly or in part. Any third party acting or relying on this report, in whole or in part, does so at his or her own risk.


8] DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: No liability shall be accepted on an account of failure of the report to notify any problems in the area[s] or section [s] of the subject property physically inaccessible for inspection, or to which access for inspection was denied by or to the Inspector [ including but not limited to any of the area[s] or section[s] so specified by the report.

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